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May Madness

Been a while, sorry. I have been busy with birthdays and fayres for the last couple of months. I had a big birthday so officially old now! My middle creature turned 18, which is crazy.

Love getting out and meeting people at events and I have met so many wonderful people in the last few weeks. Lots of great feedback too. It's been great fun when I have been with my fellow local craftswoman Tanya from Heart and soul candle co. If you love home fragrance products and so much more then check her out on insta and Facebook. I currently have her bookstore reed defuser in my lounge and wax melts on the go, it's wonderful. She also has a range of perfume fragrances which are divine. I believe she is working on a range of face and hair oils and even one for the men, beard oil!

Few new items coming soon from Little Wolf HQ too. You may have seen the first images of my Pembrokeshire range. Stunning shells cast in silver. So much detail on each piece.

Working on a new dog range too which will debut in August. Very excited about this.

I am now on a break from fayres till end of June due to surgery on my spine next week. I shall still be sketching my ideas down while recovering! Probably handing out business cards to the nurses too lol 😂 Logan will be on nursing duties once I'm home.

I'll check in again soon.



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