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Discover Keepsakes by Little Wolf Silver

Always here, by your side

We understand how hard it is to fill the void following the loss of a loved one or faithful pet.
Our keepsake memorial jewellery will keep them close to you every day.

Ashes, hair or fur can be incapsulated in resin within stunning pieces of jewellery.

How Keepsakes by Little Wolf Silver began....

Deborah Louise, Designer | Creator | Owner of Little Wolf Silver

She designs and creates stunning Jewellery from recycled sterling silver, gemstones and sea glass too.

Having lost her own father suddenly Deborah wanted keepsakes for her and her family to treasure and remember.  After sourcing quality sterling silver blanks to work with, the Keepsake business was ready to launch.

If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a truly memorable gift, choose Keepsakes by Little Wolf Silver.

Debbie x


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much ashes/hair do you need? - half teaspoon ashes per order, a pinch of hair

  • How long will my order take? - around 3-4 weeks, may be much sooner

  • Is the jewellery real silver? - Yes 925 sterling silver

  • What if I don't know my ring size? - You can get sized at most jewellers or order a ring sizer from us

  • What happens to any left over inclusions? - Your remaining inclusions will be returned with your order

  • Do you sell gift vouchers? - Yes, for any value

  • Are the charms compatible with popular brands? -  Charms are compatible with most well known brands, including Pandora 

All items can include ashes, hair or both. Please understand that smaller items may be less suitable for hair.  Hair can also vary in appearance once in resin and some hair tones may even look transparent.

How To Order

Once payment has been made we will forward the address for you to send your inclusion (half teaspoon of ashes per item and a pinch of hair), place into some foil or a small clear bag and label clearly. Include a note with your name and order details, name of the person/animal the DNA belongs to and your return address. 

Any unused inclusions will be returned to you with your order.

Please do not send us the last of any inclusion you have and please make sure to keep a tiny amount for any future orders/repairs/replacements.

Add your inclusions and note into an envelope, place a large letter stamp on the front. Do not use a regular stamp, the weight may incur charges that you will be liable for.  You can send to us signed for if you wish.  Add your return address on the back of the envelope in case of the unlikely event of non delivery.

Your precious keepsake will be ready in 3-4 weeks from receiving your inclusions. (Probably quicker) 

We do not not accept returns on commissioned items.

Our Keepsake Policy

As all our pieces are hand-made, it means that each piece will vary and never be replicated. Therefore, the pictures you see are all examples of our work, and each setting and stone may vary from this. 

Due to the handmade nature of each piece you may find a slight imperfection, bubbles or irregularities – we believe this makes your piece that bit more special.


Love & respect

We will treat your packages and jewellery with the love and respect that each piece deserves. Any excess inclusions will be returned to you along with your order.



All information and stories relating to each piece of jewellery are completely confidential, unless otherwise granted permission to share.


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