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Care for your Jewellery

it’s important to store and care for your jewellery in the right way to help it to stay in the best possible condition. Make sure your necklaces and bracelets don’t become tangled, and be aware of the products you should avoid using on your jewellery.  

  • My little tip is to keep any silver stored in an airtight bag.

Jewellery Care Dos

  • Always add jewellery last when you’re getting dressed to avoid snagging your clothes

  • Store your jewellery carefully to avoid it becoming tangled or getting scratched

  • Always handle your jewellery with care and patience - jewellery is often delicate, so treat it gently

  • Check any fasteners or clasps periodically for signs of wear and tear - take them to a jeweller for repair if needed to extend the life of your piece

Jewellery Care Don’ts

  • Never wear jewellery in the bath, shower, or when swimming. Contact with water can tarnish and damage jewellery, and you also don’t want to risk losing yours

  • Don’t wear your jewellery in bed - this will help to prevent earrings being lost, and necklaces tangling in yours or your partner’s hair

  • Don’t wear jewellery when doing housework, DIY, or gardening. Jewellery is not only more likely to become damaged in these situations, but it increases the risk of injury too

  • Never use abrasive cleaners on your jewellery, as these could cause irreversible damage

  • Don’t allow any direct contact between your jewellery and perfume, hairspray, body lotion, foundation, or other products, as these could significantly damage its appearance

How to Clean your Silver

The best way to clean your sterling silver jewellery is to use a good silver cleaner and a silver polishing cloth! 

(Not on your Resin Keepsake though)

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Care of your Keepsake Jewellery

Resin Jewellery

We understand how important your finished jewellery is to you, which is why printed care instructions are included with each piece.

Your keepsake materials (cremation ashes, hair/fur or both) are encapsulated in a jewellers grade resin. Resin does gradually age and will become slightly yellower over time - unfortunately this is standard for any resin product. However, following the care instructions I provide will keep your jewellery looking it’s best for year's to come.

I advise that you take care to:

  • Remove your jewellery before applying perfume, hairspray, sun cream, lotions, hand sanitiser, nail polish remover, using harsh cleaning products etc

  • Avoid submerging your jewellery in water and remove it before washing your hands, showering, bathing, swimming etc

  • Avoid wearing your jewellery to the gym/while exercising

  • Avoid exposing your jewellery to excessive heat

  • Store your jewellery in a safe place out of direct sunlight - prolonged exposure to UV (direct sunlight/tanning beds etc) can cause your resin to lose stability and soften or discolour

We put a lot of love, care and attention into every piece we make - and we appreciate how important these keepsakes are to you.

We cannot be held responsible for jewellery that has been damaged by improper care and failure to follow the care guidelines.

Please remember that although your jewellery is made with a durable resin, it will still be susceptible to scratches from heavy wear.

If you have had an accident and are worried that you have ruined your jewellery, feel free to get in touch and we will see what we can do to repair it for you, if possible. There will be a charge for this, but it will be decided on a case to case basis.

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