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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Hi all,

Welcome to my first blog and thank you for taking time to vist.

I shall most probably ramble on a bit here and apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes.

Painkillers and writing are sometimes a problem.

I'm Deborah Louise or Debbie to most, mother of three and wife to the long suffering Andy. (Don't know how he puts up with me sometimes 🤣)

I love stones and shiny things way too much. Always have. My kids call me Macca Pacca (in the night garden ref)

Crafting has been my passion from a very young age. Both my Grandmothers were always making something and encouraging me to try.

I can remember making hand puppets using the old Singer sewing machine.

I have made various jewellery over the years but never "proper" silversmithing. That was something out of my reach and skill set, or so I though.

Searching for something unusual to gift my mum for her 75th birthday I came across jewellery making classes. Ohhhh I thought! (Yes dangerous for me). 2:1 class booked.

Mum and I made matching pendants and I was sooooo hooked. Many classes were booked and 18 months later i'm still learning.

I totally love my work! Shining silver and all the pretty stones. I could ramble on forever!

Need to go walk the little wolf now......



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