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Introducing a pendant that seamlessly blends the artistry of sterling silver wire with the finesse of fine silver clay. This striking piece boasts a compelling design, consisting of a textured larger ring encircling a smaller, finely beaded companion. Adding a touch of Art Deco-inspired allure, it features a petite shell meticulously crafted from silver clay.

Elegantly suspended from an 18-inch chain thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the pendant's aesthetics, this piece is the epitome of grace and charm.


The pendant's interplay of textures, combined with the timeless allure of silver, elevates it to a remarkable emblem of craftsmanship and a testament to enduring style. Grace your neckline with this extraordinary creation, a fusion of contemporary sophistication and a timeless nod to the past.

Shell Ring Pendant

  • Here at Little Wolf Silver we strive to be as eco friendly as possible. All silver used is 100% recycled.

    We use canvas re-useable pouches and eco friendly boxes and packaging.

    One tree is planted for every order via my website

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